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“If you are the sharpest looking man in the room of sharp-looking men, then you are the king. And being the king has its benefits, you’ll attract the right people, engage them in humor, and with that, they will remember you and have fun doing it.” Men’s life today.

Want to be that king? You need a custom made tuxedo to dress yourself up elegantly in a sparkling style to amaze onlookers and make bystanders marvel. Also, there is no alternative to a custom tuxedo, if truly you want to attain the highest degree of formality.

Rashmi custom tailors stand out amidst the best for our expertise and proven track record in men’s made-to-measure tailoring. And our tuxedo (bought or rent) will surely bring you to the limelight for your next once-in-a-lifetime event.

Our bespoke custom made tuxedos are crafted by a team of experienced in house tailor, handpicked from all nook and cranny of Hong Kong. We combine a team of experts to give a multi-dimensional approach to making mode tuxedo for you and you alone.

However, and whenever you want a perfect fit tuxedo, we are always a dial/mail away.

What set our handcrafted tuxedos apart?

We strongly believe your tuxedo should speak to you even on the hanger. This passion and obsessiveness have always made us start with the end in mind, to create a new you, and make our tuxedo do the talking.

Our unique workmanship for tuxedos is by tailors and cutters with over 30 years’ experience. Our men’s made to measure tuxedo are handcrafted by our in-house team of custom tailors. They are industrious and never rest until perfection.

Our luxurious collection of fabrics come directly from mills all over the world, we are always eager to create an elegant you at reasonable worth value. You can select from our library of quality material or we can help you handpick that, which matches your purpose.

Our passionate team does whatever it takes to ensure your tuxedo is 100% perfect fit. This starts with knowing you before creating you, whether you order your tuxedo on-site or online, we will never let go until you are satisfied.