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Rashmi has a 32 year legacy of producing exquisite custom tailor suits and clothing for clients all around the world.  Located in the premiere bespoke suit destination of Hong Kong, Rashmi has proven to be among the world’s top custom suit makers based on decades of dedication to the craft.  Rashmi is one of the few custom shops in the fashion industry with its own in-house team of tailors, allowing them to maintain a level of oversight, quality and craftsmanship unmatched on either the Hong Kong peninsula, or anywhere else in the world.

When it comes to deciding on the right bespoke suit or other tailored clothing or fashions, Rashmi has access to some of the finest and most rare fabrics in existence.  Tailored clothing is not only about the fitting, it’s also about fashions that match your own style and personality from the perfect tuxedo, wedding wear, or business suits for both men and women.  Anyone can buy a designer brand off the shelf, but the garment is not sized to your measurements or provide the Hong Kong tailor experience of bespoke fashion made only for you.

Our Hong Kong tailor shop is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, but we specialize in servicing clients internationally.  With frequent visits to locations in the United States and around the world, we come to our customers in a way most of the tailoring industry cannot.  Once fitted, Rashmi can create bespoke tailoring without the need for a return visit – simply select your fabric and fashion, and we ship it to you.

How to select a Hong Kong tailor is answered with a visit to Rashmi.  Contact us today to learn about our international shipping and custom tailoring appointments around the world.  Our affordable prices on all garments put custom tailoring within the reach of anyone. Create your own fit and fashions at Rashmi’s Hong Kong tailor.