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You shouldn’t appear like one monstrous old hag of the 70’s just because winter is here.  Autumn is never an excuse for coming out like a bugbear, scaring young and old alike. The days of coat as just warmth upper garment are long gone, thanks to custom tailors like Rashmi, coats today, are fashion garments that can go all event.

It’s certain you need protection and comfort to survive these severe weathers. Nevertheless, it mustn’t be at the expense of your gent charming look. And that’s why we are here in Hong Kong, a company of in-house fashion experts, ready to serve you healthy and refined look at all time.

Our custom made coat is the definition of style plus purpose, just as effective as good looking. We put in our all, to craft a befitting protective fashion wear in a single piece of clothing, what other brands do separate.

Whether you want it designed to protect from wind and rain; trench coat, its waterproof ability will never hinder our creativity. Even to keep you cozy and stylish during winter; winter coat, , its durability will never deny you handsomeness. And those made from furry animal hides; fur coat, its sturdiness will never be at the expense of your gent charming look.

With our custom coats, we've put the traditional story of coats behind us. They are modern, elegant , unique, out of sort and can be carried anywhere. Our befitting custom coats are made-to-measure by our team of in house stylers, who are dedicated do more than custom tailoring. They craft personality, create uniqueness and blend individuality, with  purpose and styling. 

Want to rock a custom coat that leaves good impression and tell good story of you?  Fur coats, trench coats, winter coats and a host of others...Rashmi custom coat maker has go you covered.

Contact us today and you will be more than glad you did.