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Suits are typically seen as all-important when it comes to your formal wardrobe, but one often overlooked item are dress pants. Also referred to as suit pants, this is an item of clothing that you want to get right.

There is absolutely no point in having a fantastic shirt, that looks great on your body, if it’s coupled with pants that are baggy, ill fitting, or too short. You want your pants to fit you comfortably, while looking sharp and professional at all time.

Custom pants can help you achieve this look, with tailoring ensuring that they fit you without any unfortunate gaping or pulling. For comfort when you move, and elegance when you dress, you absolutely need to have your pants tailored. Whether you want black pants, navy pants, or a color in-between, getting the custom made is the best choice you can make.

Dress pants should be sturdy enough to hold a crease when ironed (as these are typically formal attire) but flowing enough to fit to your body when you walk. They are formal enough to wear to most occasions, such as weddings, interviews and the office, but not to formal that they look out of place with a simple button-down shirt. Striking this balance is imperative to you looking, and feeling, like you know how to dress and are comfortable in your style.

Invest in a pair of dress pants that suit your style and match the majority of your wardrobe. Going with a neutral is typically a safe choice, and can be done in a black, navy or grey. If you have a specific outfit in mind, then other colors are fine, but it is still best to own at least one neutral pair of dress pants.

When building your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more, to get clothing that fits your body perfectly. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Take a look at our comprehensive collection and see for yourself.

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