Perfect Fit Guarantee|Hong Kong Custom Tailors

We always ensure your custom tailored clothing is the perfect fit

We want our clothes to fit well on you, we want you to feel good in them. That being said, we will do whatever it takes to make sure they fit right whether you order on our site or in person.

When ordering at our physical locations, we will have several opportunities for us to go through the 2nd stage/3rd stage where we can review every aspect of the clothes.

Only when its perfect, we will let you walk out that door. After all you are our walking, talking advertisement.

We now have your sizes and paper pattern/template so you can easily order in any of our global showrooms, pop up stores, events or on our online store. If you are a new client, and ordering online from us, we will review the sizes you give us before production and arrange a short phone call to get to know you.

After we make and mail you the clothes, we will contact you for feedback. If the clothing require any alterations or tweets we will get it done either by i) our local alteration specialists (in your city) ii) giving you credit if you use your own alteration specialist or iii) remake the items Rest assured you are in good hands. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you.