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Thinking of visiting my hometown Hong Kong in the near future. Plan your visit accordingly so you don’t miss out on some of the spots to visit and things to do.

Most of the places can be reached by bus or uber and some of them need to be reached by ferry.

A word of advice would be is to get an octopus card which you can top up at any Starbucks or any MTR station. You can use it at all public transport rather than fish around for our small coins.

If you have any questions, you can reach out at vijay@rashmi.com.

Here is my to do list in Hong Kong South Bay Beach

South Bay beach is one of the more quieter beaches and not known to a lot of people. Its slightly more difficult to get to than the more commercial beaches such as Repulse Bay or Deep Water Bay.

You could start off your day at the beach as everything in Hong Kong opens a bit later than most western countries. We work till late after all.

South bay beach also has a good burger joint that serves food and sells beach toys.

Since you are on the south side, Stanley Market is close so once you are done with the beach you can head to Stanley market and walk around the markets and square.

Tram Ride in Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Tailor I personally prefer the Mong Kok Ladies Market to Stanley as it has a more authentic street/ market experience. You get the same souvenirs in Mong Kok at a better price too.

Custom clothing/ Tailor made clothes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Custom Tailor - Appointment The locals call this ‘Ding Ding’. The tram started in 1887 and is one of the oldest form of transport in Hong Kong. You could get on anywhere and go from 1 side of Hong Kong Island to the other. Bespoke Tailors HK

Getting measured at Rashmi Custom Tailors

Hong Kong is the place for getting custom clothing at the best prices. Rashmi Custom Tailors is the place to go.

Its where the locals and the people in the know go to. Mr Larry Rashmi personally sees most of his clients and spends considerable time in advising on fabrics and fit. Rashmi Custom Tailors make custom suits,custom shirts, tailor made sport coats, custom jeans, custom tuxedos and custom winter coats.

Be sure to make an appointment as they get busy. www.rashmi.com. These tailors are located in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Mong Kok Ladies Market

Tuxedos Tailors Hong Kong - Rashmi After your initial fitting at Rashmi Custom Tailors, you can head to the Mong Kok Ladies Market and walk the markets.

Make sure to negotiate at least 30–40% percent on all purchases at the night market. The night market can be reached by the MTR or a short taxi/uber ride.

Star Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island

I prefer to do this in the early evening when the lights on the skyscrapers light up. I personally believe the view from the star ferry is much better than the Peak.

This could of course be done on the same day or after you visit the tailors again for the 2nd fitting or when you pick up your custom clothing.




(Before/ After hours appointments available via email) Hotel/ Office/ Home vists. please email us or call us