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  • Bespoke suits are the preeminent way for young professionals to look the part, act the part, and create a reputation for themselves. Those who live and work in Austin Texas have their own style, and while it may be inspired by the city and their fellow citizens, an important part of the appeal of Austin Texas is individuality. Like the stars of the outlaw country movement, people who live in Austin Texas don’t want to be known for looking and sounding like their neighbors. The streak of individualism is strong in Texas in general, but has grown wilding in the metropolitan area of Austin. That’s why custom clothes and garments are so sought after.

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Austin Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Its popularity among the “hip” of society has always been strong, leading to the sentiment proudly echoed through the city of “keep Austin weird.” When country music stars fled Nashville in the 70s to escape the over-saturated, over-produced, over-rhinestoned sound favored so strongly in Tennessee, they found their new home in Austin, Texas. They were not the first group, nor will they be the last, to shake off the oppressive dust of their old homes and find a new breath of fresh air, a chance to start over, in the welcoming embrace of Austin, Texas. As it continues to grow, both in population and popularity, it attracts a variety of people from a wide range of backgrounds - including young and hip professionals who are just starting to make their mark in the world and in their chosen careers. These professionals need more than just jeans and buttoned-down shirts to make a splash and to get known - they need to look the part.

Bespoke fashion in Austin Texas

Rashmi did not begin their journey in Austin Texas. Over thirty years ago, Rashmi opened their doors in Hong Kong, but always with the goal to be an international phenomenon. From the very beginning, they have produced the finest bespoke suits and custom garments, catering to customers with the most exquisite taste by finely tailoring the most perfect fabrics. Despite the rate of their growth, Ramshi has not abandoned their goals and priorities. Whether they are in Hong Kong or Austin Texas they are going to provide the finest custom clothes for the choosiest of customers.


The first consideration must always be the fabric. Poorly made synthetic fabrics can look awful, and even cheap, despite the fact tailors will charge a good deal of money. Rashmi never starts with cheap fabrics. Rashmi tailors search for the best fabrics from all over the world to create their bespoke suits, and no client will be left wanting. The most colorful silks, the softest cottons, and the best, most carefully done blends are what is available for Ramshi’s particular client base. These fabrics will not rip and tear after only a few months of wear. These fabrics will not bleed or fade after only a year of use. These fabrics are meant to elevate the most carefully tailored custom garment, and they are the cornerstone to any bespoke clothing produced by Rashmi.

Personal style

The second consideration is style. When buying garments off the rack, a person is very lucky if they can find a suit that matches their own personal desires and style. The style of a bespoke suit has nothing to do with what the tailor wants and everything to do with what the end user is seeking. In a city as hot and popular as Austin Texas, it is important to find a way to stand out from the crowd. When trying to make a name and a place for yourself, every single detail is critical. When purchasing a bespoke suit, you are the one in control of the style. You don’t have to settle for something that you may not like just because it’s the closest thing you can find when searching the rack.


The third consideration is the fit. The fit of something off the rack requires sacrifices that may have to be made - perhaps you find the perfect collar only to discover the cuffs are too tight or too loose. Perhaps the waistband fits like a dream, but the length of the legs is too long or too short or the inseam too tight. You can pay to have the suit adjusted and hemmed, but that’s just pouring cost into a suit that isn’t perfect for you. A bespoke suit is made for your exact fit and specifications. Not only do you provide your measurements for the Ramshi tailors, but they will conduct fittings to be sure the fit of the bespoke clothes is true. No custom garment can be complete without the required fittings, and Ramshi tailors travel the world to accomplish this goal. You don’t have to travel to Hong Kong yourself to enjoy the benefits of a professional fitting and consultation.

Affordable custom clothing

The fourth thing to consider when deciding on a bespoke suit is the cost. Many think custom closing is cost prohibitive, but that’s far from the truth. Especially when the initial outlay of a single custom suit is compared to the long-term costs of buying several different off the rack garments. One custom bespoke suit can fulfill the function of several knock off suits. A custom garment always fits right and is always stylish, but more important than that, it is made of the finest quality. It will not tear or become threadbare with wear. A single bespoke suit can list for years. Texas is known as the lone star state, and in a state of outlaws and rebels, Austin is still where all the true individuals call home. People who are themselves cut from a different cloth, who can appreciate the full richness of well-crafted bespoke clothes. Rashmi offers all the rugged individuals in Austin the chance to truly stand apart with style. Rashmi travels around the world to make sure everybody has the chance to own truly magnificent bespoke suits.