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Decades of expertise in the tailoring industry

  • The search for custom suits and custom tailoring in Irvine often leads people to search Google for “Irvine custom suit” or “Irvine custom tailor”. These are usually people who are in a hurry to get results and need quick solutions, but still want the utmost in fit and quality. When it comes to custom suit makers in Irvine, California with a reputation that has been created with decades of expertise in the tailoring industry, people can turn to one name that is already present across different countries of the world since the last three decades. This name is Rashmi.

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Creating the perfect ensemble that fits you completely is a labor of love and it requires something that is different from an off-the-shelf purchase. Anybody can go to the market and purchase a big brand name attire for a special occasion like a wedding, or daily wear. However, these garments will not have the intricate details that any custom-tailored garment would. Irrespective of whether you are looking for the perfect business suit or a tuxedo for your evening wear, only custom tailoring can bring out your inner style and poise. For garments that bring out your unique self, you require garments that are crafted only for you. This is where a perfect fit comes in and this where Rashmi delivers. 

Rashmi- The one stop shop for bespoke clothing

Rashmi prides itself on a 32-year-old legacy of producing custom tailor suits and garments for clients across the world. This is a journey that started in 1987 from Hong Kong.  A legacy that has been built with its own in-house team of tailors that ensure that the levels of craftmanship and quality remain unchanged every time whether you are getting a garment made in Irvine, California or any other part of the world. 

We have many locations in the United States and Irvine in California is one of the locations where you can visit us for your requirements of custom clothing.

The world of fashion is constantly evolving and what was fashionable yesterday might be outdated today. Rashmi makes it its business to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry so that it can pass on the benefits of the latest and the best trends to its valuable customers. When it comes to custom clothing for men’s clothing or women’s, we believe in clothing you with the finest possible fabrics that are available in the market. Therefore, it is no wonder that we have some of the most exotic brands of fabrics in the world such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Scabel, Holland and Sherry.  Our tailor shop has, or can get, just about any fabric for both the perfect fit and style.

Clothes maketh the man as they say. Rashmi understands the importance of details and that the difference between a brilliant piece of tailoring and a mediocre piece of work lies in the attention to the almost invisible things such as buttons, linings, shoulder pads, horse canvasses, zippers and threads. That is why utmost attention is paid to the design of the garments when it comes to bespoke suits and bespoke clothing.  Rashmi believes that every individual is different and the personality of each individual shines through his or her attire.

Why Custom Tailored Clothes?

The moment most people hear ‘custom clothes’, they think of things such as ‘expensive’ and ‘unnecessary’. Or worse still, they think it is for people who want to show off. All these things are not true. Bespoke clothing has some distinct advantages over readymade off-the-shelf purchases.  Here are some of them:

1.   You get a better fit

Having a good fit means having a dress that fits your body perfectly. Now, this might lead many people to believe that custom clothing is only meant for people with perfectly sculpted bodies. But that is far from the truth. Since the basic mantra of custom clothing is to make clothing that is adjusted according to personal measurements, your best physical features can be highlighted while diverting attention from the less appealing ones.

2.   You can show your personal style

In ready-made garments, there is always a limit to how much of ‘you’ can shine through. Custom made clothing allows you to make your individual statement as you can involve yourself in the creation of the final product. From the color to the collar design and minor but intricate details such as pocket shape, cuff shape and matching stripes you can customize everything according to your needs.

3.   You have a say in the quality of materials used

When you   buy off-the-rack garments, quality need not be a priority and at the same time, if you want quality you might have to shelve out a huge premium for it. Not required when you are going for custom clothing. Since you are involved in the creation of the garment from the very beginning you can have your choice of fabrics – cotton, wool, blended natural fibers, silk – whatever you name you can have it.  You get the material that suits your environment.

4.   Clothes last longer

The market is driven by a ‘use and throw’ mentality because companies want you to think so. Do not get overwhelmed by a price tag and instead think smartly as a buyer. Would you rather not invest on a garment that lasts you longer than throw your money at something that is essentially a short-term investment? Custom made clothing is a great long-term investment that is always meant to outlast ready-made clothes. Some of the things that you can incorporate in your clothes to make them last longer are French seams and Gussets. Imagine being able to pass your wedding dress on to your daughter still in the same quality and condition as the day you wore it?  Or wearing your bespoke tailored suit for the rest of your life?

5.   Less Time and Effort Required

Shopping can be a painful process that involves hunting for your desired clothes from shop to shop. You are not sure about what you will end up getting. However, when it comes to a tailor you pretty much know what you’re going to get. You know how long it will take to get finished and you can specify exactly what you need and also get guidance and feedback from your tailor. 

Custom made clothing has its own benefits that keep it miles ahead of ready-made clothes. Head to Rashmi for your first or even fiftieth customer experience with custom made garments. You’ll surely not be disappointed.