Custom Suits, Dubai, UAE

The Premium, hand-crafted tailoring service of bespoke European quality tailor in Dubai.

Dubai, UAE is the pearl of the middle east. Its known for its luxury shopping, lively nightlife and ultramodern architecture. One of the top things to do in Dubai is to shop for custom clothing. Dubai is known for its tailors who make world class custom tailored suits, custom shirts, custom sport coats and custom tuxedos. Bespoke is the way to go when in Dubai.

The Finest Bespoke Suits

Rashmi Tailors Dubai has been creating the finest bespoke suits for over thirty years. They first opened their doors initially in Hong Kong, but they create a truly universal look and travel the globe in order to outfit their customers all over the world. They provide a full-service custom tailoring experience and will create beautiful bespoke garments to your needs, preferences, and measurements.

People in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE who want to be stylish don’t have to settle for lesser garments and they don’t have to travel to Hong Kong to have all their needs met. Rashmi tailors not only travel the globe to show off their product, but they will also come to you to obtain the required measurements and preferences. If you are new to the world of bespoke clothes, you might not understand what the difference is and why these garments are preferable to off the rack garments. Many people believe that off the rack is good enough to meet their needs, and more than that, the only thing they can afford. Many people may not know what a full-service tailor can truly provide, or how much of a difference a beautifully crafted suit can make to not only their appearance, but their confidence, and even their professional livelihood. Everybody knows the saying that the clothes make the man, and that’s still true, and applicable, even in our fast-paced day and age. That’s true no matter where you live in the world, whether that’s San Antonio Texas or Hong Kong or Dubai.

The Best Custom Tailor in Dubai

It all begins with the tailor. The tailor is your point of contact for your bespoke suit and the ability of that tailor will directly impact the quality of the bespoke suit. It’s for this reason that Rashmi selects only the finest tailors to craft their custom garments. The finest tailors will produce the most pristine project. Obviously you want to look your best, but a talented, experienced tailor will do more than just make you look good. A top of the line tailor will create a garment that will stand the test of time. Quality is something worth paying for.

Paying for quality as an initial investment will create dividends in the years to come. It may seem cheaper to buy an acceptable suit off the rack, but that suit will wear out sooner than a quality handmade bespoke suit. The seams may break sooner. The lesser-quality fabric will fade or tear with multiple wears. Off the rack, suits are often a reflection of the most common tastes that particular year, and thus, will be out of style maybe even as little as one year later. One purchase of an off the rack suit may result in five more purchases over the next five years. Instead of saving a couple of hundred by going this route, you may be committing to paying several hundred more dollars throughout the coming years.

World Class Fabrics for Custom Suits & Custom Shirts

The biggest perk of ordering a bespoke suit is that you get to choose the exact fabric and color for your custom suit, shirt or tuxedo. You can craft every decision to the finest detail, having full control over the ultimate outcome.

Rashmi Tailors works with Ermenegildo Zegna, Scabal, Marzoni, Dormeuil and Loro Piana for suits and tuxedos. For shirts, Rashmi Tailors Dubai works with Albini, Thomas Mason and few other European mills.