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Nothing says class and style like a bespoke suit

  • When it comes to the best fit, nothing will fit you as well as custom clothing. The need for the right fabric and garments never ends, and this is what started a revolution in the history of fashion. People in Santa Barbara, California, wanted bespoke garments. Gents wanted their suits to be just pitch-perfect without any compromise down to the tiniest detail.

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Looking at the need for custom suits in Santa Barbara, started a 32 years legacy. Rashmi, a name which is known to all for bespoke suits, inspires the modern-day man to look nothing less than the best. One name that truly outshines all in Santa Barbara, for the best fit and garments is indeed none other than Rashmi. A brand name that leaves no stone unturned to offer you the best custom suit which is right for your taste and personality. People who are looking for bespoke suits in can now visit Rashmi for the best hand-crafted bespoke clothing. Rashmi has had locations all over the globe for the last three decades. We ship custom suits almost anywhere in the world.

It takes passion and love towards crafting the right bespoke clothing in Santa Barbara, which often misses out in off-the-rack-suits. Yes, there are many big brand names in the market where you can go and pick the one that you like the best. It is never difficult to go out and find a suit in California; however, these off-the-rack-suits are mass-produced and are not tailored for only you. These brands have suits which are ideal for party wear or daily office wear. But you will fail to see the touch of intricate detail. But, when you ask for a custom suit, you are presented with a suit that is custom designed for you specifically. A tailor-made Tuxedo or evening suit, you can order anything which will reflect your true self. It doesn’t matter what occasion it is, what matters is wearing a suit that speaks high about you. Rashmi understands that when one comes to our store to order a Santa Barbara custom suit, the person comes in with a lot of expectations and Rashmi takes utmost care of each client. If you are looking for a garment that is crafted with love, precision, and detail, then Rashmi is the right choice for you.

Rashmi is your one-stop destination for bespoke suits here in Santa Barbara, California. Rashmi’s journey began back in 1987 in Hong Kong. The need for custom suits and the dissatisfaction among gents with off-the-rack-suits inspired Rashmi to start her bespoke clothing line. Each suit is tailored by our in-house staff who have worked in this industry for many years. They bring in their experience to the table and create something very unique which you can call yours. The true essence and its core vision has never changed since inception. It doesn’t matter if you are in Santa Barbara or any other parts of this world, you will see the same finesse in each of our stores.

The fashion world is highly unpredictable; you never know the suit that your purchased off-the-rack is still in style or not. Keeping this in mind, Rashmi makes sure that the company is always in-line with the latest designs and trends. We want to deliver perfection to all our valued clients, and we know that unless we are aware of what is in and what is not, our customer will never get what they deserve. The fabrics that we choose are of bespoke quality, some of the exclusive brands of fabric that we use are - Scabel, Dormeuil, Holland and Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Loro Piana.

Rashmi understands that each client has a different taste and personality, and that’s what we keep in mind while crafting the suit. If you are looking for custom suits in Santa Barbara, California, then Rashmi is the answer for you. Contact us today to know more about us and let us know how we can be at your service. Tell us how you would want your bespoke suit to be and let us create something exceptional in Santa Barbara.

Why do people prefer custom suits?

Custom suits are crafted for an individual person. You might think that custom suits are expensive, but Rashmi ensures their suits are affordable to all. The custom suits that we make last for years and years.

Custom clothing fits you better

If you want to look good in your suit, then you will want the suit to fit you better. The rule of thumb of any suit is to fit you perfectly. That’s the primary goal of our custom suits. We craft a suit after your personal measurement is done and fine-tune it so that it makes you feel the best.

Only high-quality fabric and material is used

When it comes to custom suits, you are always shown our fabric catalogue. We give you a wide variety of options to choose from to make sure that you end up receiving high-quality material. Off-the-rack-suits are mass-produced, and they are often in a hurry to produce more suits in less time. We scrutinize every detail and each custom suit has touched the hands of professionals.

Highlight your personal style

There are no limits to custom suits when it comes to styling. You might be impressed by a particular design in a magazine, or you fell in love with a suit worn by one of the stars in a movie. Tell Rashmi about it and get what you are looking for. Only custom clothing enables you to bring out your personal style.

Clothes that last longer

Our world is highly consumer-driven. Big brands are producing suits daily and in abundant quality. Custom clothing is designed to last longer. Only the most excellent quality materials are used in our custom clothing, and each piece is the reflection of a different personality.