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  • One of the hottest trends in Houston Texas is the newly embraced bespoke suit - customized garments for a new generation with new ideas. Rashmi is the company that is bringing the latest tailoring innovations to Houston Texas. Hailing from Hong Kong, they are the epitome of what Houston represents - a doorway to global options, where all the finest goods in the world can flow into America’s dynamic market place. Rashmi has over thirty years of experience, their excellence second to none when it comes to fine bespoke garments. Their custom clothing options can develop even the most rudimentary of fashion tastes and their tailors can meet the demands of the greatest fashion icons.

  • 07th Dec 2019
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Houston Texas has been a global city since the day of its founding in 1836. A port city in the Gulf of Mexico, it was founded by speculators and named after General Houston. It served as the capital of the Republic of Texas for a brief time at its inception, but it grew to prominence as a busy trade city, the gateway to both the west and the south for goods from around the world. It’s now the most populous city in Texas and its global influences can be felt through the people and the businesses there. It’s still an important global marketplace where many dreams and fortunes have been built. The men and women in Houston are stylish, setting trends that spread throughout Texas and the south. Their looks are sharp, forward looking while drawing deep inspiration from their unique culture.

The Fit of a Bespoke Suit

For Ramshi’s clients, everything starts with the fit. It must fit right to look right. It must fit right to wear right. In order to both be completely comfortable and undeniably fashionable, everything must fit down to the centimeter. Nobody wants to have cuffs that are too long or too short. Nobody wants to have baggy legs or crotch, or a shirt that’s too tight around the chest or the neck. Bespoke suits should fit perfectly because the only thing more important than how it feels is how it looks. A custom garment can maximize the potential of anybody’s personal style. If a suit fits properly, it will wear properly. That is to say, it won’t wear down in certain common places and require an expensive replacement. Bespoke suits are the perfect option for somebody who has the money to do it right the first time. Too much cloth on the legs can cause the crotch or back seams to wear out. Alternately, if an item is too tight and uncomfortable, you might never wear it. It remains pristine in the closet but is forever useless unless your arms or your neck shrinks. In either case, money is wasted. A bespoke suit from Ramshi helps you avoid that terrible fate. Your clothes will last longer, even though they will also be comfortable enough to wear regularly, regardless of the occasion.

The Perfect Fit and Fabric

Bespoke clothing can be as sharp and elegant, or as casual and informal, as you need it to be. Not only do the tailors carefully measure your body to match the suit dimensions to you perfectly, they also assist in picking out the perfect fabrics. Fabrics that look good around the world because they come from around the world. In a city as sweltering and busy as Houston, a suit made from silk or a cotton blend might be the best option. A wool suit would obviously be too much, as those are better suited for northern climates. The tailors in Ramshi will help you take that sort of thing into consideration when selecting the perfect fabric for your bespoke suit and your daily needs. The type of fabric is not the only important consideration. The pattern and colors can also make a huge impact. You could turn heads with a pinstripe throwback from the eighties, or with bright, forward looking colors. You can select your conservative black in silk, or take a royal slant with plum purples and luscious greens. Whichever combination you choose, whichever color or pattern you desire, Ramshi can assist with finding the fabric of your dreams. They will search the world to find the fabric your heart desires and your suit requires.

Custom Clothing for Houston’s Professionals

In a professional’s life in Houston, there are often conflicting meetings, tight schedules, and hurried conversations. A professional needs to have the clothes that can keep up with that hectic lifestyle and look as good anywhere - the boardroom, the night club, even the airport after a long flight. No matter the circumstances, bespoke suits and custom garments will look sharp and stylish, emphasizing the wearer’s sense of style and good common sense for paying for quality.